Horus Finance invests in mid to large-size companies specialized in niche sectors not subjected to economic or financial fluctuations, able to rapidly become a leader in their field and competently managed.

C U R R E N T   H O L D I N G S

Specialized Logistic

Horus Finance selected the two following niche sectors:

Fine Arts Logistic
Horus Finance is a world leader through two subsidiaries:


From 1760, André Chenue S.A., packs and carries works of art all around the world, whatever their nature and their fragility, their destination and the packing option chose by the client.

Transports Monin is specialised in transportation, relocation and works of art handling for professionals (antiquarians, galleries…), auctioneers, general public and cultural institutions.


Filiale dédiée au transport 100% électrique, Greenway se place en pole position sur le tout nouveau marché de l’éco-livraison urbaine.

This subsidiary specialised in transportation is 100% dedicated to electric energy. Greenway is on pole position on this new market which is “eco-urban delivery” 


Globart assists public professionals in the arts sector in their mission to publicize and promote the cultural heritage and contemporary works of art:

  • Cultural event management: setting up exhibitions, finding partners, proposing itineraries for exhibitions and cultural events, producing artistic events, etc.

  • Technical services: displaying and hanging works of art, supplying staging design items, managing the administrative aspects of an exhibition.

Logistic support for sales and marketing communication

Eurodislog is specialised in orders management and in dispatching for internal and external communication tools, advertising and publi-promotional operations.

Arts and excellence

Horus Finance exists in artistic items for leisure time activity, notably with its subsidiary Chevillotte, which makes and restores luxurious billiards. 


From 1860, Chevillotte is specialised in luxurious billiard tables manufacturing and selling, in France and internationally. Chevillotte exports and sets up its billiards over the 5 continents, within more than 40 countries. With its factory based in Orleans and its production team, specialised in marquetry, Chevillotte offers home-made and luxurious billiard tables.


Over the past twenty years, Horus Finance has invested in service companies yielding high value in consulting or document engineering. The company is a main shareholder of the EUROSCRIPT group, specialized in content management. 

Financial Services

Heka Corporate Solutions is specialized in outsourcing accounting and financial services. It offers customized solutions at low cost for needs analysis, implementing changes and outsourcing solutions with the help of our teams in India. Heka Corporate Solutions is based in Delhi and renders services to its financial clients from the office there.


Horus Finance is involved in web 2.0 projects through Civis Memoria.

Real Estate

Horus Finance invests in real estate projects in France and overseas with the goal to diversify its portfolio and support the activity of its branches.


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